Let’s recycle right!


Let’s recycle right!

What do we do with our garbage at Locke Store and how can you help?

Locke Store is always trying to minimize the amount of waste that is produced here in our little part of Millwood. We have a local farmer that takes food waste to their hogs, and we recycle all of our packaging and try to be as resourceful as possible (an important mantra passed on to each of us by Juliet, the owner of Locke Store). Another way we care for our environment is by offering our customers a way to recycle following their visit. We’ve hired our neighbor, Mr. Thomas, to help in this effort by taking our recycling to the recycling center each week (such a huge help!!!). This is working well, though our recycling set-up is not as clear as we would like…….   until now!

recycle across america logo

Often folks come in after having a delicious lunch from Locke Store, unsure of what to do with the remaining garbage/recycling. We have recently teamed up with Recycle Across America to simplify our recycling efforts. It is their belief that standardized labels are “a world changing solution.” We couldn’t agree more and decided to purchase some of their standardized signage and put it to the test. Now we are asking for your help to make it a success!

Here’s the low-down on what to do:

After enjoying a meal on our lovely patio or across the street at the Burwell Morgan Mill, look for our recycling “center”, located on the left side of our patio (closest to Swank Hair Studio).

Recycle Here!

Our recycling area is located on the left side of our patio.

We have 5 main containers:

  • 1 for Glass
  • 1 for Cans
  • 1 for Plastics
  • 1 for Compostables (our utensils and food containers from the deli & left over food)
  • 1 for Trash (waste that is not recyclable or compostable)
recycling center

Front of our new recycling area.

recycling center top

Top of our new recycling area. Aren’t they pretty?!

  • Empty trays should be returned inside to the deli counter.

We appreciate your assistance in helping us keep Millwood a beautiful, clean, & eco-friendly town.

If you are still unsure or have suggestions on how to make our recycling even more efficient and clear, we would love to hear from you.

Let’s recycle right!

Many thanks,

The Ladies of Locke Store