Did you know that Locke Store can be your “one stop shop”?  We offer a wide variety of local, regional & sustainable products, including dairy, meats, fish, produce, honey and wine.  We give you the opportunity to support your neighbors in agricultural production, while providing you with the best quality foods.  Our house made “scratch” products, including compound butters, salad dressings, frozen cookie dough, ready-bake biscuits, granola, spiced nuts, chutney, and pate are ever popular ‘grab and go’ items that make it easy to add something special to your next meal. 

Check out the links to many of our producers below, and take advantage of the convenience of gathering all of the ingredients for your larder or your next meal here at Locke Store.
We’ve got what you need to go green!



Trickling Springs Creamery buys their milk from local, family farms that take the best care of their animals and land. These farmers take pride in their product and take a special interest in the welfare of the grass-fed cows on their family farms by using organic and holistic practices. Their happy cows get all the sunshine and free grass they want during growing season and are not pushed in growth or production by synthetic hormones.  They maintain a personal relationship with their farmers and focus on providing you the best available product.   Unlike many commercial dairies, Trickling Springs Creamery processes their milk using a low-temp pasteurization method that allows the milk’s natural proteins and enzymes to live, giving you healthier products.  http://www.tricklingspringscreamery.com/



Introducing Best-of-Luck’s delicious, elegant, clearly-no-nonsense “Chocolate & . . .” line of confections.  Dark Chocolate & Cranberries was honored as the overall Best New Product at the Virginia 2006 Expo. Everyone loves their choices: Dark Chocolate & Toffee , Dark Chocolate & Peppermint , Dark Chocolate, Espresso & Hazelnuts ,  Milk Chocolate, Honey & Cashews , White Chocolate, Lemon Zest & Cherries.  http://www.send-best-of-luck.com/




Central Coffee Roasters is a family run business located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Rappahannock County, Virginia.  Select green coffee beans arrive from plantations and co-operatives throughout the mountains and rain forests in the coffee growing belt of the world.  Because they are a micro roaster, they value the earnest hardworking farmers from whom they buy their raw product.  Central believes that the farmers’ dedicated stewardship produces the highest quality beans for their roasts. They know the farmers grow with a conscience for the world we live in.  http://www.centralcoffeeroasters.com/





Joyce and Travis Miller from Berryville, Va., in rural Clarke County; Wildwood’s Hickory Syrup is produced in small batches from select hickory bark and still involves the tradition of foraging in the Virginia forests.  Travis and Joyce prefer to use the bark from the shagbark hickory tree in particular which is shed naturally, so as not to harm the tree in any way.  They do not limit themselves to this particular species, although no tree is ever harmed in the process.  This allows the tree to remain a sustainable resource.  Once gathered, the bark is scrubbed clean, toasted to enhance the flavor, put through a proprietary extraction process, aged, and filtered, before introducing a minimally refined cane sugar, turbinado, to develop its exquisite taste enjoyed the world over.  http://www.wildwoodshickorysyrup.com/



 Over The Grass Farm has 400+ rolling acres, more than half is used for pasture for cattle, sheep, and horses. Pastures are set up in a New Zealand style rotational grazing system with animals being moved around through a series of small paddocks throughout the grazing season.  Their vegetable production happens in several unheated hoop houses, or high tunnels. Seedlings are started in our greenhouse.  They have just under an acre of outside garden space that grows all of the produce during the regular season. They also have a small orchard of about 20 fruit trees.  http://www.overthegrassfarm.net/



Animals are raised on Fields of Athenry’s farm here in Purcellville and on specially selected partner farms – are bred first and foremost for their mothering capabilities, hardiness and their ability to thrive in a natural pasture environment. They also focus on breeds that produce a high-quality meat, not necessarily the latest “fad” in animal breeds, heritage breeds or otherwise. Fields of Athenry is about the best quality in clean meat.  At Fields of Athenry there is no artificial insemination, no extended daylight hours, and no hormone injections;  Everything goes by the stars and the moon and an animal’s natural breeding cycles. The mother’s natural instincts produce the healthy chick, piglet, calf or lamb, and human interference is kept to an absolute minimum. http://fieldsofathenryfarm.com/




Matt and Ruth Szechenyi started farming in 2005. Blessed with the use of the family farm and the love of gardening they began living their dream of producing the very best in locally grown foods. It all started with a temporary brooder, full of laying hens, housed in none other than their guest room. Next they added pigs and broiler chickens along with some turkeys. In 2008, grass-fed beef was started, along with the arrival of their son, Andrew. 2009 brought about a wonderful cow share program. Today, they strive to continue to learn from the land, animals and friends of the farm as well as neighboring farms. Briars Farmstead sells to several local restaurants and shops in addition to selling straight from the farm, in their little farm shop.  http://www.briarsfarmstead.com/